Day 13: A Taste of the Field

Well, my wishes of seeing reindeer have been granted! Whilst driving to and from Gällivare, where we were to set up some window traps to collect invertebrates, we spotted a few herds. It was quite a long drive, roughly a seven-hour trip including a lunch break. The day after our arrival, Charlotte and I took a hike up one of the small mountains nearby – we originally had our eyes set on the larger mountain, but Charlotte rightfully deemed it too great a task for a single morning.



An assembled window trap in the field.

After lunch, we then set out into the field proper, marching through snow not for recreation – but for science. Needless to say, it was an exhausting day, made even more so by the fact that I checked out of my hostel at 3am the previous day due to being woken by an extremely loud snoring man! We covered a lot of ground and managed to get all the traps up that we needed to – a very productive day. Unfortunately, I was struck by a nasty cold the following day, so I stayed in the cabin and assembled the remaining traps. I’m glad I was able to be of use inside rather than out that day – I fear I would’ve only slowed the others down had I been in the field considering my state. In the end, it only took those two days to put up all the traps, with us waking early to travel back to Umea on the following day.


Before heading up to Gällivare, however, Charlotte and I had coffee and pizza with two of the postgrads at SLU, beside Nydalasjön – a beautiful lake. It’s been nice getting to know people who live here, especially other students. I’ve learnt valuable things about the surrounding area, including but not limited to reputable tattoo parlours, revered local clubs, and really good pizza. Also, by this point I’ve become familiar with the wonder that is fika – and I love it.



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